Harita Desai

Harita Desai started showing inclination towards music at a very tender age. When the kids of her age were curious about exploring games, she indulged into singing her favourite tunes. Harita started exploring and singing different genres of music at the mere age of five. She decided to pursue her passion further and completed her graduation in music. Winning accolades at several competitions, she gained a lot of popularity and never looked back as an artist.

She quotes life as a musical journey.

She performed at numerous concerts across India and abroad and won the hearts of music lovers. Her honey-textured voice became a favourite amongst music directors and she started giving playback for several jingles, movies and albums. Harita wishes to render her musical abilities to others and that is what inspired her to lay the foundation of Songcraft Music Academy.

For more information, write to harita@svarita.ca

Svarita Music Academy

Svarita Music Academy - Your favourite destination to learn Indian Music! Here you will learn to strike the right notes and sing with confidence. Whether it is a Sufi song or a romantic one, we will make sure that you perform at the best of your abilities. Everyone from kids to the elderly can learn to sing. So age is not a bar if you want to start. You can choose individual lessons or learn in a batch. Take a look at the myriad of options we offer:

  • Training in different genres of music (Bollywood, Sufi, Indian Classical, Light Vocals etc.)
  • Customized training according to individual requirement
  • Voice control techniques
  • Performance oriented singing
  • Different styles of singing
  • Annual concerts for students

To know more or drop your inquiries at musicacademy@svarita.ca

Svarita Cultural Forum

Svarita Cultural Forum is a registered not-for-profit organization, based in Brampton, Ontario. Motivated in enhancement and promotion of Indian Music, Dance and maintaining rich Indian cultural Heritage.

Svarita Cultural Forum is dedicated to preserve and enrich Indian music, art and culture in Canada. Svarita was established in 2018 with few music lovers and now it has transformed into a large group of members from diverse communities, who have great interest in Indian music and culture.

Svarita's main goal is to establish a quality platform to provide training and development of Indian music(singing and instruments) and dance.

Svarita aims towards progress of local artists by encouraging and motivating them to perform on larger stage concerts and trains upcoming enthusiastic music learners to pursue a career in Music field.

Our mission is

  • To collaborate with other recognized professional artists or artistic organizations from various ethnic groups.
  • Establish unique music and dance cultural forum and connect with community across the North America.

Know your tunes by joining our Academy and learn professional techniques.