Welcome to Svarita, the enchanting world of music! Join us on a captivating musical journey led by the versatile vocalist, Harita Desai. With a mesmerizing voice that has won hearts across Canada and India, Harita has graced numerous concerts, leaving audiences spellbound. Her honey-textured voice has become a favorite among esteemed music directors, leading her to lend her talents as a playback singer for jingles, movies, and albums. Immerse yourself in the melodic wonders brought to life by Harita Desai as we explore the harmonious fusion of cultures and emotions through the power of music. Get ready to be swept away by the soul-stirring melodies and immerse yourself in the artistry of Svarita.


Music Academy

Everyone from kids to the elderly can learn to sing. Be it Indian Classical, Bollywood singing or Light Vocals, We have got it covered for you at Svarita Music Academy. Get your lessons booked now.


Harita Desai has performed in several concerts in India and abroad. Also her "Svarita Cultural Forum" a Not for profit organization is conducting many cultural events in Canada.

Stage shows

Versatility can be felt in her every performance. She has shared the stage with some world famous and living legend singers like Asha Bhonsleji, Alaka Yagnikji and many more.

Lagna geet

Staying connected to the roots is one of the beliefs of Svarita family. They take bookings for many traditional events such as lagna geet, bhajans, sufi evenings, traditional garba night and many more.

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